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 Add In's for Tedds

by Engineers for Engineers


Stop Press: We can also add BREVE to our list of 'add in's' and have developed a 'Demo Version'

We offer a growing range of bespoke, easy to use, software package that reduces Engineering time for Light Gauge Steel, increases accuracy of wind loading calculation or reduces design time for window brackets. Our software / 'Add In's' run in Tekla's Tedds and Tedds for Word or Excel, making these niche markets more accesible to all.


  • Are you a specialist contractor or a manufacture of 'modern methods' or simply in a niche market.

  • Is there a lack of user friendly engineering software in your industry?

  • Do you have repetive calculations that are quick and easy in Excel but checkers question the 'black box calculations'?


If you answer 'Yes' to any of the above we may be able to help.


What do we offer?

For Manufacturers:

  • We fill in the tiny gaps left by Tekla's extensive list of calculations and offer the resource, working with Tekla and yourselves

  • All calculations are supported by our sister company at MMCEngineer Ltd

  • MMCEngineer and ourselves will promote on your behalf.

For a one off payment you are free to distribute software to engineers thereby promoting yourselves and your products.

"EOS are now producing more efficient façade designs using the new MESS Light Gauge Steel tool kit for TEDDS. This enables our engineering team to design and revise facades schemes with ease and speed. The layout provides clarity and  confidence that all the correct checks have been performed when being viewed by checking engineers” Kieran Bainbridge, Structural Engineer

 For Engineers:

  •  Add In to Tedds - under "My Calculations"

  • British Standards (BS 5950-5) AND Euro Codes (EN1991-1-3)

  • Light Gauge Steel package checks / designs include Joist and Truss design, wall members, lintels, racking / sliding / overturning / stability checks - all that's needed to design muti storey buildings in two days if not quicker

  • BREVe without the manufacturer branding - runs in Excel or Tedds

  • Works within Tedds so no swapping packages and calculation report maintains your branding and is 'joined up' - work out the wind load using Tedds module and apply that load to the bracket in our Add In

Not sure what Tedds is? Tedds is Powerful software to automate your repetitive structural calculations. Use our library or write your own, and create professional documentation every time. See more at Tekla's Tedds website. You can download a 45 day Demo of Tedds there or here.

Still not sure - see this video Steve was in for CSC (Now Tekla) - CSC Tedds Testimonial - MMCEngineer Ltd

Breve Add In

Light Gauge Steel Add in

Window Bracket Add in


FREE Drawing Scale Converter

Note:- NEED Excel to use! (Opens in wbe page and utilises Excel. To download zip file containing a standalone copy click here - no forms)


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